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April 2017 – March 2018
Scholarship as composer in residence at the International Künstlerhaus Villa Concordia, Bamberg 

Fernseh-Portrait auf ARD-alpha, 21 Uhr
Sendung „alpha-Forum“: Konstantia Gourzi im Gespräch mit Dr. Agnieszka Schneider 

Wiederholung Fernseh-Portrait auf ARD-alpha, 13 Uhr
Sendung „alpha-Forum“: Konstantia Gourzi im Gespräch mit Dr. Agnieszka Schneider 

Reaktorhalle München, 19 Uhr
Hommage à Pierrot lunaire vom Mittelmeer – Quintette und Lyrics aus Israel, Zypern, Griechenland,
Spanien und Rumänien
Amos Elkana: Tripp (2016)
Jose Luis Castillo: Vindicatión de Pierrot (2009)
Dimitris Terzakis: Trilogie, Antigone – Kassandra – Elektra (2014), Duo für Mezzosopran und Klavier (2017, UA, Widmung an Konstantia Gourzi)
Theodoros Antoniou: Psalmos H (2003)
Claas Krause: Neues Werk (2017, UA)
Phanos Dymiotis: Five Is Enough (1993)
Sopran: Anna-Lena Elbert
Mezzosopran: Florence Losseau
Dirigentin: Konstantia Gourzi
Eine Zusammenarbeit mit BR-Klassik, Live-Aufzeichnung 

Ateneu Barcelonès, Barcelona, 19 Uhr
Konstantia Gourzi: Wind dances, Hommage à Federico Mompou, für Klavier solo, Vorpremiere
Klavier: Maria Canyigueral


Bamberger Kurzfilmtage Festival „Meet & Greek“ in Kooperation mit der Villa Concordia
Konstantia Gourzi
Wind dances, Hommage à Federico Mompou, für Klavier solo (Deutsche Uraufführung). Klavier: Willam
A Song for Peace, für Violine und Cello
Violine: Barbara Wittenberg, Cello: Ulrich Witteler 

Reaktorhalle München, 19 Uhr
Konzert mit Solisten
Krzysztof Penderecki: Sextett (1984)
Ursula Mamlok: Five Capriccios (1968)
Tansy Davies: Iris (2004), für Sopran-Saxophon und Ensemble
Yinam Leef: Serenity lost (2004); Diptych für Violine und Ensemble
Ursula Mamlok: Terzianum (2006)
Rolf Wallin: The Age of Wire and String (2005)
Ensemble Oktopus
Violine solo: Sonja Korkeala
Sopran-Saxophon solo: Koryun Asatryan
Dirigentin: Konstantia Gourzi  

Villa Concordia, Bamberg
Konstantia Gourzi: Aiolos Wind, für Klavier solo
Klavier: Ricardo Descalzo 

März 2018
CD-Release Komponist Amos Elkana – Albany Records
Meitar Ensemble
Dirigentin: Konstantia Gourzi 

München, Allerheiligen Hofkirche, 19 Uhr
Bayerische Staatsoper München, 4. Themenkonzert
Vortrag: Prof. Dr. Manfred Milinski, Max-Planck-Institut für Evolutionsbiologie, Plön
Joseph Haydn: Die sieben letzten Worte unseres Erlösers am Kreuze
Konstantia Gourzi: Neues Werk, für Solo-Schlagzeug und Ensemble, UA eines Auftragswerks
Schlagzeug: Claudio Estay, Violinen: Immanuel Drißner, Felix Key Weber, Viola: Clemens Gordon, Violoncello: Clemens Müllner, Kontrabass: Florian Gmelin, Harfe: Gaël Gandino, Bassposaune: Uwe Füssel
Dirigentin: Konstantia Gourzi 

Thema Musik Live, BR-Klassik, 20.30 – 21.30 Uhr, Live-Podiumsdiskussion
BR-Klassik in Kooperation mit dem Internationalen Künstlerhaus Villa Concordia
Motto "AusZeit zum Arbeiten“
Moderation: Dr. Meret Forster
Gäste: Nora Gomringer, Leopold Hurt, Konstantia Gourzi
Musik live:
Konstantia Gourzi: Astrolávos, the Angel at the Bottom of the Sea, für Oboe solo
Oboe: Andrey Godik
A song or peace, für Violine und Cello
Violine: Barbara Wittenberg, Cello: Ulrich Witteler 

BR-Klassik Radio, Sendung Horizonte, 22.00-23.00 Uhr
Übertragung des Konzertes vom Ensemble Oktopus
Dirigentin: Konstantia Gourzi 

Werke von Amos Elkana, Ayal Adler und Konstantia Gourzi: Neues Werk, Uraufführung - Auftragswerk
Meitar Ensemble mit der Unterstützung der Stephan und Christoph Kaske Stiftung.
Dirigentin: Konstantia Gourzi



BR Klassik Feature about 15 years ensemble oktopus: CLICK

The Hungarian Television was featuring Konstantia Gourzis appearance at the Zemplén Festival. You can watch the video here: CLICK

VIDEO - The Signum Quartet playing "P-ILION - nine fragments of an eternity" (Nov. 2016, Cardiff)



Basler Zeitung, 23.08.2016
The great awakening occurred with the orchestra of the Lucerne Festival Academy, directed by the conductor and composer Konstantia Gourzi (54). In “Le Sacrifice” by Iannis Xenakis she brought out sharp shafts of sound, calculated to slay the mythical bull to whom the work is dedicated. After that we were able to relax in Per Nørgård’s “Voyage into the Golden Screen” where trance-like effects were achieved with tiny sound displacements. In György Ligeti’s “Concert Romanesc” the orchestra moved virtuosically between fiery dance rhythms and mountain idylls evoked by horn motifs.

The high point was heralded as Gourzi’s new work entitled “Ny-él, Two Angels in the White Garden”. This is part of a series of compositions devoted to angels by the Greek-born composer, who now lives in Munich. At the premiere, conducted by Gourzi herself, the many archaic rhythms and wistful wind melodies were striking. In between, there were repeated disruptive sound effects until the orchestra reached an idiosyncratic shimmering sound in the last movement.

Der Landbote, 23.08.2016
The Greek composer and conductor Konstantia Gourzi revealed herself to be a wonderful communicator, making a congenial and artistically impressive appearance with the Festival Academy.  A cleverly devised programme with works by Iannis Xenakis and Per Nørgård also included her own work, a commission for the Lucerne Festival: “Ny-él, Two Angels in the White Garden” reveals the composer’s impressions of bronze sculptures by the artist Alexander Polzin in eruptions of sound and rhythm, and in powerful melodic gestures.

Hannoversche Allgemeine Zeitung, 10.09.2016
Konstantia Gourzi, the Greek composer, conductor and professor in Munich (wearing a long light blue frock-coat and black trousers) then demonstrated how to conduct the complicated work of Iannis Xenakis and the cheerful-folkloric of the young György Ligeti with precise hand gestures. When Per Nørgård’s “Voyage into the Golden Screen” simply doesn’t want to end, Gourzi then shapes the dying notes with her two hands, as if she is guiding soap bubbles safely home.

And she was even more resolute when it came to the premiere of her own commissioned work “Ny-él. Two Angels in the White Garden”. Its fifteen minutes’ duration had nothing of the esoteric about it, despite its title, but a vital, rhythmically-characterized music, the themes of which would be highly suitable for film – for the Alfred Hitchcock of the black-and-white era or a Greek drama.

Bachtrack, 24.08.2016
Further among the women’s musical offerings was an hour by Greek composer Konstantia Gourzi, who launched her programme by conducting a challenging piece by Iannis Xenakis. His work, with its pioneer muscular repetitions and explosive momentum, was a true test of accurate pacing. Gourzi also took on an intriguing piece by Per Nørgård, whose extended possibilities among some 25 instruments produced a variety of chuckling, grating and hauntingly metallic sounds. The world première of the conductor’s own piece Ny-él, Two Angels in the White Garden gave us a reflection of Gourzi’s deep sense of spirituality in four miniatures. I particularly liked its slithery segments, robust cello, and the way it explored the limitless possibilities of sound generation − bowing or slapping the cello’s wooden body, for example.

Neue Luzerner Zeitung, 22.08.2016
On Sunday, alongside works by Iannis Xenakis, György Ligeti and Per Nørgård, Konstantia Gourzi also conducted the premiere of her own work “Ny-él”. Inspired by angel sculptures by the artist Alexander Polzin, the work wonderfully complemented the other works, not least because of its programmatic content.  As conductor, Gourzi demonstrated her own repertoire of gestures for of each of the four pieces, making Nørgård’s “Voyage into the Golden Screen” in particular into an almost meditative experience.

Concert recording from 21.08.2016: SRF2 (online til 06.10.2016)  

New CD-release:
meditation I
for Marimba solo, Glockenspiel & singing bowl, 2013/15, op. 54
Soloist: Kana Omori 
Label: HCO MUSIC, HCOM-1027


CD releases

In October 2014 the new album with String Quartets was released at ECM New Series.

Read more about the education program of Konstantia Gourzi:

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