Works and audio examples

op. 1: Heteróklita (1987)
Wind quartet. Duration: 7 min.

op. 2: Clarinet solo (1987)
Clarinet in B. Duration: 6 min.  

op. 3: Pansélinos (1987)
Flute, bass clarinet, harp, two percussionists. Duration: 8 min.

op. 4: Anaménontas (1990)
Solo flute. Duration: 7 min.

op. 5: 7 Miniaturen in 3 Sätzen (1991)
String orchestra. After the poem Paichnidia t'uranu kai tu neru (Games of Heaven and Water) of Jiannis Ritsos. 1st prize at the Fanny-Mendelssohn competition of composers. Duration: 13 min.

op. 6: A.C. Forte-Piano (1991)
Clarinet, bassoon, horn, string quintet. Commissioned by the Berlin Senate. Duration: 12 min.

op. 7: Erichthónios (1993)
Violin solo. Duration: 6 min.

op. 8: "noch fürcht' ich" (1993)
Piano solo. Duration: 9 min.

op. 11: Gedicht Nr.1: Die Sommertage sind schnell vorbei (1995)
Version 1, 2, 3, 4. Flute, clarinet, piano, violin, viola, violoncello. Duration: 9 min.

op. 12: Sappho-Zyklus – Hommage à G. Kurtág (1995)
Soprano and piano or Byzantine style psalm singer and piano. Text: Sappho.
Duration: 3 min.

op. 13: ALP (1996)
Voice and piano. Text: Johannes Apokalypse, Neues Testament. Commissioned by the painter Alexander Polzin for his own show at a Berlin art gallery. Duration: 10 min.

op. 14: "Das Eine nicht wie das Andere" (1998)
Soprano, saxophone, piano. Text: Bertold Brecht. Commissioned by Berlin Ensemble.
Duration: 4 min.

op. 15: gedicht nr. 2: begrüßung der galaxie 0140+326 RDI (1998)
Flute, clarinet, piano, two percussionists, violoncello, double-bass. Commissioned by Ensemble Köln. Duration: 15 min.

op. 16: Atlantis 1 (2001)
Soprano and cymbalom. Commissioned by the cymbalom player Luigi Gaggero for the Biennale di Venezia (Venice Biennial). Duration: 13 min.

op. 17: Mykene - 7 Miniaturen für Orchester (2002)
1) Elektras Ängste, 2) Orestes Rückkehr, 3) Klytämnestras Grab, 4) Vollmond in Mykene, 5) Die Tränen, 6) Verzweiflung, 7) Das Abendrot. Instrumentation: 2,2,2,2 - 4,3,2,1, piano, harp, 3 percussions, strings. Commissioned by HR Frankfurt. Duration: 17 min.

op. 18: Philemon und Baucis (2003)
Opera fragment by Joseph Haydn
Chamber orchestra, singer-actors. Instrumentation: 1,2,0,0, Sax., 2,1,1,0, piano, harp, timpani, percussion, cimbalom (or Hackbrett or Zithar), strings. 13 singer soloists and acteurs.

Comissioned by State Opera Berlin. Konstantia Gourzi completed this fragmentary work by Joseph Haydn with her own composition and integrated it into a new artistic concept. The composition sets the stage for an exciting dialogue between the 18th and 21st centuries.
Duration: 1 hour and 30 min.

op. 19: Israel (2004)
String quartet No 1. Commissioned by Musica Nova Tel Aviv. Duration: 13 min.

op. 20: Die Quelle der Jugend (2004)
String orchestra. Commissioned by the Lefkas Festival. Duration: 13 min.

op. 21: RoMa Duos 10-12 (2004)
Saxophon and trombone. Commissioned by Deutsche Guggenheim accompanying the exhibition Robert Mapplethorpe and the Classical Tradition. Duration: 7 min.

op. 22: RoMa Duos 1-9 (2004)
Saxophone and trombone. 9 instrumental duos from the 16th and 17th centuries, arranged for saxophone and trombone. Commissioned by Deutsche Guggenheim accompanying the exhibition Robert Mapplethorpe and the Classical Tradition. Duration: 15 min.

op. 23: "Sängerin der Komischen Oper" (2004)
7 miniatures for viola solo inspired by the painting of the same title by Paul Klee, 1) Ihr Anblick - frei, 2) Ihr Hut - leggiero, 3) Ihr Gesicht - furioso, 4) Ihr Herz - ruhig, 5) Ihre Hüfte - Bauchtanz, 6) Das lange Haar der Diva - rubato, 7) Ihre Hoffnung – dolce. Duration: 12 min.

op. 24: Klavierstücke I-V (2004)
Piano Solo. Klavierstück I - Nr.24, dolce, Klavierstück II - 17 Jahre später, schnell-rhythmisch, Klavierstück III - Im Abendrot, entspannend, Klavierstück IV -Wildes Kind, trotzig, Klavierstück V - Morgen wird´s besser, mit Emphase. Duration: 8 min.

op. 25: Eine kleine Geschichte (2005)
Piano solo. Duration: 5 min.

op. 26: "Warchild", Film sound-track (2005)
Music for Christian Wagner’s film “Warchild”.
Instrumentation: stringorchestra, piano, clarinet, soprano.
Duration: 60 min.

op. 26a: "Warchild": Filmmusic Suite for Orchestra (2011).  Editing: Yannis Sabrovalakis
Instrumentation: 2,1,2,1 – 2,2,2,0, piano, 2 harp, electric guitar, electric bass, 3 percussions, strings. 
Duration: 7 min.

op. 27: Five Songs for Lefkas (2005)
String orchestra. I – Moonlight in Lefkas, II – In the Agora of Lefkas in the Morning, III - Ode to Maria Faneromeni, IV - Dawn in Ligia , V - Lefkas Dance. Commissioned by the Lefkas Festival. Duration: 14 min.

op. 28: Gedichte zu Prometheus (2005) for Orchestra
Instrumentation: 2,2,2,2 - 2,0,0,0, 2 percussions, strings. Commissioned by the Munich Chamber Orchestra supported by the Greek Press and Information office for South Germany.
Duration: 20 min.

op. 29: gestern - heute - morgen, eine Hommage an Alexander (2005)
Clarinet solo. Commissioned by the painter Alexander Polzin for his own show at a New York art gallery. Duration: 12 min.

op. 30: Drei Lieder (2006)
For male voice (Byzantine style psalm singer) and piano or for soprano and piano. Duration: 8 min.

op. 31: drei kurze momente
Solo flute. Duration: 3 min.

op. 32: Verbindungen (2007)
Solo bariton or Byzantine style psalm singer, Tarhu and piano. Duration: 5 min.

op. 33/2: P-ILION, neun fragmente einer ewigkeit (2007)
String quartet no. 2. Commissioned by "Kasseler Musiktage". Duration: 12 min.

op. 33/1: P-ILION, neun fragmente einer ewigkeit (2007)
Version for string orchestra. Duration: 12 min.

op. 34: Ieratiki Poiisi (2007)
Byzantine style psalm singer, clarinet and string quartet. Commissioned by the Academy of Fine Arts, Munich. Duration: 14 min.

op. 35: kastalia (2008)
String Quartet and Harp. Commissioned by Harry Otten for the Harpist Lavinia Meijer and the Athena String quartet. Duration: 13 min.

op. 35a: kastalia (2008)
Violin, viola, violoncello, double bass and percussion. Duration: 13 min.

op. 35b: kastalia (2008)
String Quartet and Percussion. Duration: 13 min.

op. 35: Kastalia, extended Version (2009)
String quartet and harp or String quartet and Saz. Duration: 18 min.

op. 36: Theatermusik zu Winter: Ein Deutschlandmärchen - Frei nach Heinrich Heines Deutschland: Ein Wintermärchen, (2009) Theater music.
Instrumentation: sax., tromp., violin, cbass, drumset, piano. Duration: 45 min.

op. 37: „Ostern in Konstantinopel. Des Wortes wegen. Elf Momente zwischen Ost und West“ (2009/10) for Orchestra, chorus, Byzantine style psalm singer and improvising solo violinist. (5 Strings Tenor Violine und Double Strings Violine). Instrumentation: 2,2,2,2 – 4,2,3,0, timpani, 3 percussions, harp, strings. Commissioned by Münchner Rundfunkorchester. Duration: 43 min.

op. 38: Vibrato 1 and 2 (2010)
String quartet and piano. Commissioned by Europäische Wochen Passau 2010.
Duration: 8 min.

op. 39: Drei Synapsen zu Ehren der Seeligen Gisela. I. Donau – aus dem Klosterfenster, II. Inn – eine Sommernacht, III. Ilz – ein Geheimnis. (2009/10) for Orchestra.
Instrumentation: 2,2,2,2 – 4,2,1,1, 3 percussions, harp, strings. Commissioned by der Stiftung art 31 and supported from Ernst von Siemens Musikstiftung. Duration: 15 min.

op. 40: Polyhymnia (2010)
Two guitars, viola, double bass. Commissioned by Europäische Wochen Passau 2010 and supported from Ernst von Siemens Musikstiftung. Duration: 10 min.

op. 41: Aiolos Wind (2010)
Piano pieces. Commissioned by Europäische Wochen Passau 2010. Duration: 10 min.

op. 42: Atlantis 2 (2010)
Harp Solo. Commissioned by the Harp player Lavinia Meijer. Duration: 12 min.

op. 43: Süd-Wind: eine Erzählung (2009)
Ney solo. Duration: 6 min.

op. 44: Flammenarie (2009)
Byzantine style psalm singer, tarhu and piano. Duration: 15 min.

op. 45: Jasminarie (2011)
Duo for tarhu and voice. Comissioned by the Embassy of the Republic of Cypres.
Duration: 7 min.

op. 45a: Jasminarie (2011)
Cello solo. Duration: 3 min.

op. 46: time zero (2011)
six pieces for 4 singers, children's choir and ensemble
Commissioned by Erzbistums München-Freising for the 10 years of 11.9.2001.
Stringquartet, violin solo, contrabass, clarinet, saxophon, trompet, harp, 3 percussions, Gospel singer, Arab Singer, Byzantine style psalm singer, Tenor, Children choir. Duration: 35 min.

op. 47: Eurýs Ops
for Saxophon, piano and stringquintet. Duration: 8 min.

op. 48: Dracula (2012)
Piano solo. Commissioned by Residenztheater München. Duration: 60 min.

op. 49: „nine lullabies for a new world“ (hommage a J.S.Bach) (2012)
Viola solo. Commissioned by Nils Mönkemeyer. Duration: 10 min

op. 49b:  "nine lullabies for a new world" (hommage a J.S.Bach) (2016)
for violin solo. Duration: 10 min.

op. 50: Willkommens Juchhu – a Lullabie for Olivia”, (2012)
for voice solo. Text by Pankraz Freiherr von Freyberg. Duration: 4 min.

op. 51: Six letters for Callas: Α Π Ο ΛΛ Ω Ν, (2012/13) for Orchestra
Instrumentation: 3,3,3,3 – 6,3,3,1, 3 percussions, 1 timpani, 1 harp, 1 piano, strings.
Commissioned by the State Orchestra of Athens (KOA). Duration: 14 min.

op. 51aSix letters for Callas: Α Π Ο ΛΛ Ω Ν, (2012/13) for Orchestra (Version 2)
Instrumentation: 2,2,2,2 – 4,3,3,0, 1 percussion, 1 timpani, 1 harp, 1 piano (ad libitum), strings.
Duration: 14 min. 

op. 52Madrigali „…il vento del nord…“, für Vokalensemble
2 Sopranos, Mezzosoprano, Tenor, Bass
Commissioned by Vocalensemble „La Dolce Maniera“
Duration: 5 min.

op. 53: „die andere Seite“ for Saxophon Solo, (2013)
Commissioned by the town of Kehlheim for the 150th anniversary of the reconstruction of the Befreiungshalle.
Duration: 15 min.

op. 54: „meditation I“ for Marimba Solo, Glockenspiel and singing bowl (2013)
Commissioned by Kana Omori, Duration: 15 min.

op. 55: Ave Maria, for Woman Choir, (2014)
Duration: 3 min. 

op. 56: „Hommage a Mozart", three dialogues for Viola and fortepiano or piano (2014)
Commissioned by Nils Mönkemeyer and William Youn, Duration: 14 min.

op. 56b: "Hommage a Mozart", 
three dialogues (2016)
for violin and piano. Duration: 20 min. 

op. 57: Eros in seven pictures, for two Sopranos and chamber orchestra (2015)
Instrumentation: 2 Sopranos and 1,1,1,1 –, 1 harp, 1 piano, 1 percussion, strings
Commissioned by the Bayerischen Staatsoper. Duration: 14 min.

op. 58: one touch (2015) - quartweet
String Quartet for Signum Quartet. Duration: 1 min. 

op. 59: for four (2015)
for bass clarinet, violin, piano, marimba. Duration: 16 min.

op. 60: music flows across the sea (2015)
for violin, violoncello, piano, vibraphon (ad libitum)
Commissioned by Festival "Lo spirito della musica di Venezia". Duration: 3 min.

op. 60a: music flows across the sea (2015), version 2
for violin, violoncello, piano. Duration: 3 min. 

op. 60b: music flows across the sea (2015), version 3
for bassoon, tuba, piano, accordion. Duration: 3 min.

op. 60cmusic flows across the sea, II (2016)
for bassoon, tuba, piano, guitar.
Commissioned by the ensemble oktopus. Duration: 3 min.

op. 61: Anájikon, the Angel in the Blue Garden
String quartet no 3, (2015). Duration: 20 min.

op. 62Paharión, the Red Angel in the Garden of las Huelgas
15 Dialogues between East and West for Schola Antiqua, a Byzantine Style Psalm Singer, Ney, Clarinet/Bass Clarinet, Violin and Lyra. Duration: 60 min.

op. 63: A Love Song (2015), for viola and piano. Duration: 3 min.

op. 63bA Love Song (2016) for violin and Piano . Duration: 3 min.

op. 64: Náraon, the Angel in the Yellow Garden, seven views of a smile
for viola solo, (2015/16) for Hariolf Schlichtig.
Commissioned by Elisabeth Schichtig. Duration: 6 min. 

op. 65: Ny-él, Two Angels in the White Gardenin memoriamClaudio Abbado and Pierre Boulez (2015/16). For Orchestra. Commissioned by Lucerne Festival. Duration: 15 min.

op. 66: Eva Ave (2016) for Mezzo.
Commissioned by Roman Catholic Church of the city of Lucerne. Duration: 5 min.

op. 68: Astrolávos, the Angel at the Bottom of the Sea - Nine Constellations
(2015/16) for Solo Oboe. Commissioned by Francois Leleux. Duration: 11 min.

op. 69: Stations (2016)
for soprano, clarinet/bass clarinet, tenor saxophone, violoncello, double bass, percussion. 
Inspired from Crosses of Jannis Kounellis.
Commissioned by the archbishopric Munich-Freising. Duration: 30 min. 

op. 70, A song for peace (2017)
for Violin & Cello